Carbon tax to be introduced in Ireland?

According to reports, the commission on taxation in Ireland is to recommend a carbon tax as the first in a series of measures to change the shape of the Irish tax system.
The carbon tax which is expected to be operated in the form of an additional excise duty, is expected to be intoroduced in the annual budget in late 2009.

Building Energy Ratings (BER) will become even more important if these measures are introduced.

With the tax expected to be levied on all carbon based fuels, the insulation and energy efficiency of each home or commercial premises will have a direct effect on the amount of the carbon tax paid. Fuel consumption can be reduced by increasing the energy rating of a building.

Home Energy Grants

Now is the perfect time to avail of the home energy grants announced by the government last February to ensure you minimise your carbon tax bill. These Grants require an energy rating to be carried out by a certified BER Assessor before and after the work.  There is an additional grant of €200 available to offset some of the cost of the associated BER assessment.

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