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Climate Change finally on US agenda

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

After eight years of inaction on climate change by George Bush’s White House, President Obama has made the passing of environmental legislation a top priority by setting USA on a course to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, the chief contributor to global-warming.

A key piece of legislation, that sets ambitious emissions targets for the USA, was passed a coule of weeks ago in the House of Representatives by 7 votes ( 219 v 212) and now moves to the floor of the Senate. It’s by no means a done deal but after years of talk, the USA may finally take serious steps to clean its air and cut back on importing a massive 70% of its energy.

Building energy ratings (BER) must form part of the solution if the plan is to be effective and what started in teh EU may soon be seen in across the atlantic.